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November 11, 2010

New to caller i.d.

When my kids saw this old 60's set of movies, one of them being The Computer that wore Tennis Shoes, they heard a funny phone joke that they've never forgotten.

But first I have to say that we NOW have caller i.d. for the first time -because we are so up with the times (not!) and since it said 'unknown,' Joy was sure that meant a solicitor was calling. So, she didn't say the usual "Hello, this is the (our last name) residence," like she usually does. (I should probably mention here that I wasn't home) ; )

She put it on speaker phone and said:

"Sherwood Forrest, Robin Hood speaking."

And without missing a beat, my MOM said
"Hello, Robin Hood, this is Gramma Pat"
and on they went with their conversation....

Nathan said she is the coolest grandma ever for playing along) : )

They had a good conversation and Joy never said the rest of the 'joke' which was is:

"Congratulations, you win the prize, how would like your sheep dog wrapped?" But she is hoping to say it to the next solicitor, if I'm not around. LOL
My apologies in advance to the Cancer Foundation. ; )


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