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December 26, 2009

Christmas Photos

Here are some random Christmas pictures in no particular order (because that would take too long)
We are about to go to a New Year's Eve party.
Here's my wonderful hubby after all the presents were opened:

One of my favorite parts about Christmas day is the Christmas MESS:

One of the many batches of chocolate covered pretzels that we all made. I got a kick out of Andrew asking Zach if he "could do something to fix the white chocolate." Big brothers can do anything. (He told Andrew he can "drum" but didn't know anything about fixing melting chocolate or chocolate that wouldn't melt to be specific)
I liked these pretzels WAY too much....
as you can see from this picture! (I can't believe I'm posting it) There I am, clueless that I have chocolate on my face from all the sampling I did! LOL!!!Joy and Andrew made this and I found out that girls want perfection in their gingerbread houses which doesn't set well with little brothers who just want to have fun. (next year they each need their own) ; )
It was Andrew's turn to be the Christmas elf and pass out the gifts this year:
(you can see the paneling that we ALL white washed and put on our ceiling last New Year's Day in this photo)

My hubby led us in a devotional from Isaiah 9 before all the unwrapping commenced:
This is Joy and I on Christmas Eve. (I made this my Face book photo)

Our tree, which is now at the curb and has left needles all the way to the laundry room! Not sure how that happened! : )

I made a big Christmas dinner and our dear friend Carlos came over to celebrate with us. My sweet hubby did the dishes. I enjoyed talking to my sister, parents and aunt on the phone as they were celebrating in San Diego. We ended the day by heading to the movies! We've decided that would be a fun thing to make into a tradition!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And may God bless your new year!

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