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December 5, 2008

Our crafty craze!

I finished the blanket for the Little Rebecca who is on the way.

The puffy flowers were fun to make. It can't really be called a quilt I guess, since it didn't involve any quilting or even binding. -Talk about quick! I did have to learn the surgeons knot which you had to make every few inches...Good thing I have a Ranger in the house who has his knot merit! : )
Joy is knitting this scarf for her friend for Christmas! Isn't it cute?!

It's so much fun to hear her say "Mom, let's knit together."
It's so fun to chat and knit.
My kiddos have informed me that I have a yarn obsession. : )
I guess that's better for my waistline than a chocolate obsession would be!

I was really excited to be given the Knifty Knitter as a gift recently!

I'm happy to say that loom knitting is SO EASY and fun. (even for children)
The directions it comes with are microscopic and do not give near enough details on how to do it, if you ask me. But thanks to the wonders of the web, I found videos with very detailed instructions, which saved the day.

I'm into knitting "beanies" right now.
I like knitting with needles better but this is fun and if you are looking for a craft with instant gratification (I love that kind) than this is it. It only takes an hour or two to make a hat!

Unfortunately, the first one I made had this cute brim that turned out to be way too girly for the male I made it for...
and this grey color just wasn't girly enough for the girl of the family.
Oh well.
Then I tried again and I ran out of yarn and ended up with one LITTLE hat!

~But my kiddos were full of suggestions of cute little baby boys at church that we could give this to..

I'm going to try again! My youngest guy wants a blue beanie with no brim! I'll see what I can do...
~It's a good thing its so chilly here or I don't think it would be too fun to be making scarves and sweater hats!

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