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December 24, 2008

Christmas photo project

We were given one of those digital photo frames recently and we've really enjoyed it.
We put our vacation pictures to CA on it and then we put our Disney pics on it...

Then we had a GREAT idea!
We decided to do a photo theme!
~Christmas through the years!

So, last night, Zach and I took on this project which took about 3 hours. We found as many Christmas photos from past Christmases as we could. The last several years were all in the computer and those were easy to access but the years before the digital camera were another story. Thanks to the wonders of the scanner we were able to get all the past Christmases on it too.

Years were we didn't have children yet (boring!!!)
Years where my hubby and I were much thinner. (LOL)
(and one of us had more hair) ; )
The baby years and the kiddos' first Christmases! Too cute!
The toddler years, where we had child proof trees on table tops...

Years where relatives came to see us and years where it was just us...
Years of spending every Christmas Eve with the V Family, which we still do...

And the presents! I love the pictures with the sea of wrapping paper and the happy little faces. ~No sea of wrapping paper for us this year since half our kiddos are growing up and saving for big items, they asked for money. (boo-hoo!) The end of an era!
And the trees! Oh mercy, have we had some ugly trees over the years. Not all, of course. Some have been gorgeous! I remember one that we got carried away trimming ...
We ended up needing to wire a couple branches back in!!! AHH!
So, after lots of lugging of albums and re-gluing photos back into their scrapbooks, we did it!
And I think it was worth it!

In fact, I know it is...
I got so into watching the photos coming up this morning as I was cooking that I accidentally made egg salad instead of deviled eggs!!!
I was too into looking at how the kids have changed and how my hair looked better last Christmas (LOL) and when I went to fill up the eggs whites..there weren't any since I had mashed the whole kit and caboodle! Too funny! So, all that to say, it was worth it!

My family doesn't think Christmas dinner would be complete without deviled eggs, so back to the kitchen I go! I'd better not watch it this time!
Merry Christmas and may our Great God bless you and yours!

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Jamie said...

cute idea!! Hope the deviled eggs were worth a round 2 in the kitchen!!!