"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 27, 2008

More praise...

Guess what?!
Another amazing thing happened for the sweater hat ministry! (Hats of Hope)
If you don't know what I'm talking about you can check this post and then this post.

This was amazing!!!
I was at my hubby's company's Christmas party chatting with some ladies and one of them started sharing with us about her mom who has Alzheimer's disease.
She is in a home care facility now and this woman needs to clean out her house. It will be quite the undertaking because she said her mom has not thrown anything away in 60 years or so...
She told us how the house is so full of stuff that is hardly room to walk.
And then she said
"The YARN!!! You would not believe how much yarn my mother has. She would buy it and then forget she'd bought it and then buy some more."

~My eyes were popping out, I'm sure because just the day before that, I had been praying about our group's need for LOTS and lots of yarn!

Then she started describing HOW MUCH yarn and I was really blown away.
Tons of 50 gallon trash bags full of new yarn!!!!!!!!!

~This is where I waved my hand and said "I'll take it! I'm starting a ministry to make sweater hats for missionaries." And everyone just looked at me.
It was wild.
What a God thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wanted to know where I would keep all that yarn and I drew a blank because I have a small house and my two attics are full...but guess what? When I told my friend who is hosting our group about the 'yarn miracle' she said she has plenty of storage space. And I decided that is yet another miracle. (or at least it seems like it if your house is small and you've always been storage challenged. LOL!)

I imagine that her yarn is the regular kind, and we need the thick kind, but if HE obviously must have sent us this, so there's got to be a way that it can work. We can probably just put two strands together....or maybe three strands.

So, that's the latest news and it was exciting!



Susan said...

God is sogood. He knows you need to make this happen and he supplied it.

Jamie said...

How cool!! God always shows up!! :o)