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September 27, 2008

Our take on Fireproof




We want to go and see it again!!!

My hubby said he never would've thought that a movie with mediocre acting would turn out to be one of the best movies he's ever seen.
It is amazing!
We loved it.


momtofivekids said...

Thanks for letting us know. We own Facing the Giants and we thought it was just ok.

Leslie said...

my hubby was asking for tissues! i felt bad that i didn't have any. i cry at movies all of the time and jut use napkins. who knew we wouldn't need napkins!! oh well.... it was a great film! it made me see where i am really great as a wife, and it showed me areas where i can improve, as a wife. very challenging and enjoyable!

and we hadnt' been to a movie without kids for ages! how fun is that?! ;-)

Becky said...

We were both in need of some tissues too!!!

Susan said...

I want to see this movie but wasn't sure when we would go with the new baby. I guess we will just have to make time.

Sniz said...

I am going tomorrow. I know that the second weekend doesn't count nearly as much as far as ticket sales, but I can't wait to go anyway! Have you heard anything about how it did money-wise in the opening weekend?