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September 14, 2008

More Celebrating

I'm another year older and today begins the last year that my age will ever start with a 3!
Ahhh! ; ) But that's ok.

We celebrated on Saturday.
Every year I choose to celebrate it the same way.
-At the beach with my sweet family!
I LOVE the beach!!!

We go in the late afternoon, play in the water together, have a picnic dinner and watch a beautiful sunset!It's always so relaxing and fun. -My hubby is actually enjoying the beach now. Whoo-hoo!

Hurricane Ike gave us some big waves to body surf and incredibly HUGE shells were everywhere! (the size of my hand)
We found a piece of board in the water and that made us wonder what it's story might have been....

Andrew had us picking out shapes in the clouds and then

this flew over us! It looked like so much fun. You could tell that he was having a GREAT time flying low right over the water.

On the way out, the draw bridge went up right in from of us, which is always fun to see. Some tall sailboats went through. It was a beautiful night. As we waited, we had our windows and sunroof down. My goofy, sweet hubby was blasting a Kirk Franklin song and rocking our van back and forth. Too funny. -Life isn't boring around here and I'm blessed to spend it with my favorite people. : )



Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a great day!! It also sounds like your hunny is as silly as my hunny! Enjoy your last year as a 30-something!! LOL

Susan said...

The beach. I miss the beach soooo much. Growing up in Southern Ca. and now living in Iowa I don't make it very often. Happy b-day and it sounds like you had a great day.

We had our baby the day before your birthday, you'll have to stop by to see what we had.

Joyfull said...

Happy Birthday!! I also love the beach, the pictures are beautiful. Enjoy the last year of the 30's! I exited mine last Thursday!!