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May 27, 2008

Getting lost with our new friend Lola

My hubby and I are two directionally challenged individuals who married each other and have spent a lot of time getting lost together. ; )

Getting lost usually makes us both disagreeable and grumpy.

Guess what we bought last weekend?
A GPS on SALE! (what will we ever have to disagree about now?!)

We were SO excited about using it on our recent TBQ trip. We had our destination all typed in...and so off we went. And I brought along written instructions just in case it didn't work. You see I had my doubts...
As we were zipping along the interstate and quickly approaching our exit, we were so excited about hearing it tell us where to go....

But it wasn't making a sound....
So then, my hubby and I started saying things that we wished it would tell us like: "You are doing a great job" and "You are not going to get lost." LOL

We got off the interstate according to my directions and then handed it over to our
techie teen to fix. -OK. So, we forgot to actually push the 'nav' button. Once he did that for us, we were in business.

It started telling us where to go and which way to turn and all that. Hurray!

~Except that its version of how to get to the hotel was nothing like mine. In fact we seemed to be going in circles around downtown....

My advice was to pull over.
A cute kiddo from the backseat, thought we should turn it off and back on again to get it working right. ; ) That's how his mom fixes things!

I was getting nervous but my hubby thought the whole thing was so much fun.
Now, why doesn't he think its fun when my directions lead him around and around in circles?! ha ha

We finally did pull over and we found out that someone who will remain nameless but who will never live it down, ; )
pushed the button for gas stations, and it decided to lead us to a Chevron in a city we had never heard of!

In the midst of all that craziness, we had our comedian child quoting Robin Williams in the movie RV where he is yelling back at his GPS and saying "I know that, Lola!" (anybody remember that off roading scene?)

From that moment on, our GPS became 'Lola.' And the new family joke is, "Where are we going? A Chevron?"

"Lola" really does work when you have in the right destination
and my hubby and I agree that 'she' is wonderful.
He likes her so much, he takes her with him to destinations he could find with his eyes shut! Just for fun, I guess.
He made me laugh the other day, when he told me the best thing about Lola, is that when he doesn't listen to her directions, she doesn't say a word!
Now, whoever could he be referring to?
I think that person will remain nameless too. : )


Jamie said...

LOL!! Oh My, Becky!! I am giggling at that one!! I can just picture that trip!!! What a funny and memorable time!! Yeah for Lola!!

Susan said...

My husband would love to have a GPS but I am not to sure about them. THis was a great and funny post. i haven't been on line for a while so I don't know how long you have had this new look but I love it.

Toni said...

ROFLOL! What a great post, Becky. I was totally cracking up through the whole thing.