"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 23, 2017

Learning and growing

I have been a part of a widow's support group for the last year or so, but recently, I realized that my season for being in that group was over. It was really hard to stop going because they are some of the sweetest ladies on the planet. They have been so kind. They have prayed for me and my kids and been so interested in our lives. Plus, they are a lot of fun!

 I'm sort of the baby of the group since most are 20-30 years older than I am. They like the meetings to end early so they don't have to drive in the dark. They talk about the best doctor to see for a hearing aid and whether they should live with their kids or not. -One time we found out who in the room had nose jobs when they were young! LOL

Interestingly, they don't talk about the grief or the pain of loosing their spouse. They are there to party and enjoy each other's fellowship, have a devotional and pray for each other..They only time I saw anyone break down and cry (besides myself) was when we sang Christmas carols.
They are a precious and lovely bunch and I will miss them. It was an honor to spend the year with them.

It took me a long time to realize that even though I had a great time with them, I usually cried almost the whole drive home. Our age difference reminded me of how much living I have yet to do without my hubby.I would debate within myself whether it is harder to loose a husband after 24 years or after 50. Is it easier to have almost finished living your life when death parts you
or harder?
My pity party would be in full swing by the time I got home.

Then one of my wise sons reminded me that I don't have to let this one thing define me and my life. My life is bigger than the fact that my husband is with the Lord already.
I think he's right about that.


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