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March 12, 2017

Switching it up

I recently went to a furniture store's outlet store, which was having what I call a 'scratch and dent sale.' I picked out a sofa that looked flawless and a matching love seat that only had small tear on the back. I was pretty excited about my great deal. Then I found out that I could "make an offer" lower than the sale price! Yahoo! They took my offer and I felt like quite the wheeler and dealer.  (which I'm totally not) Then, in my excitment I took photos with my phone to send to my kids.

The last time we got a sofa and loveseat was twelve years ago! And believe me, they had been well lived on by the 6 of us and two dogs.
That furniture was special to us because it was a surprise from our dear friend, Carlos. He had just finished an addition on our house and then he had a brand new leather sofa and loveseat delievered!!! It was an amazing surprise!

Back to my furniture adventure..
The big day for delivery came and I was at work but the kids were there to receive the furniture and when I got home, I found out that the company had switched the loveseat with one that had a really worn out spot ON THE FRONT of it.
HOLY COW and OH MY STARS, I was so mad.

I just can't even, with the thought of being cheated!!!

And then, praise the Lord, I remembered the photos!
So, I called the store and told them that my pictures proved that this wasn't the loveseat I bought. Then I added  "Add I'm pretty sure it is illegal to bait and switch furniture!!!."
-Except Andrew swears that I told them it was illegal to "switch and bait furniture!" LOL
-Yeah, well, whatever! I was really mad. ; )

It was an "all sales are final" kind of a sale, so without the photos, I'd have been out of luck.
But, guess who is getting a brand new one that isn't from the scratch and dent section?
Yay, God!

Here's hoping I will not have to think about furniture shopping again for twelve more years!

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