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December 22, 2014

Scans and such

Thursday we got the results from the scans Hubby had done last week and the surgery is on.
It is called an esophagectomy and it is the best way to make sure that he is cancer free, for good.

I broke down and cried when the nurse described how the operation would take 6-9 hours! I couldn't stop crying actually.(that's much longer than they had originally said) And then she asked if I needed to see a social worker (LOL)
and I got it together! ; ) Surely, I'm not the first person to cry at a cancer center, good grief!

He'll be in the hospital longer than we thought. Between 9-12 days! Goodness!
They didn't really have any statistics on how someone his age will do because he's so young. Most patients who have this done are 20+ years older than he is, are obese or smokers and have heart issues and this is just ONE of their problems. All that to say, that because of his age and good health, they expect him to do really well. PTL!

After the appointment, we headed to Chick-fil-A for some "Jesus chicken." (we heard that in a sermon illustration the other day and it makes me laugh) And I made sure to order a peppermint chocolate shake to drowned my sorrows in.

Then Hubby wanted to do something fun to take our minds off of it all, so we decided it was a good evening to use our free Busch Garden passes to enjoy Christmas Town. We were going to go last week but it was only about 48 degrees that night and we didn't want to freeze. We were planning to rent Hubby a wheelchair, but it is amazing what difference a week makes! He didn't need one tonight! Whoo hoo! It was a fun family night and he had the strength to do a lot of walking. Just amazing!

Our sweet church family prayed for us on Sunday and I think we've both had a breakthrough over fear of it all. He's glad that he can enjoy this Christmas and all the fun distractions it offers. Not to mention, eat anything he wants up til the big day. Yay!

 The surgery will take place on Zac's birthday, which he says "really stinks."
Hopefully, I will remember to run down to the cafeteria and buy him a cupcake or something to show him we haven't forgotten. : ) Although, we will be celebrating it a few days early while Nathan is still with us for Christmas.

We are starting to look at all the positives to having the surgery and are becoming thankful for it. It was not easy at first.
One positive being, if your stomach is your esophagus, you are guaranteed to be thin for the rest of your life! LOL The other good thing, is that this whole trial will be over soon. He will be all recovered by the end of February and he can lift heavy items, like ladders again, by the end of March.

The more people who hear about the surgery, the more who say they want to be there. How sweet is that!?
 And hopefully, I can hold it together so that no one sends for a social worker! ; )


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