"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving week

What a week! Wow!
Joy's purity ring arrived in the mail. We had a fun day out together on Monday.

Tuesday was a normal school day around here.
Wednesday I gave the kiddos the day off and they blessed my socks off by helping with all the dishes for Thanksgiving.
Their help made it the easiest Thanksgiving for me ever, if you don't count when we've been invited to other people's homes. ; ) Besides the food, Thanksgiving included lots of games. Hubby had archery, basketball and croquet competitions with prizes for everyone to play that day. Joy helped make the archery targets with the bulls-eyes being 'bad guys' pictures from their favorite movies. lol

Isn't he cute?
Zac took advantage of the opportunity to make time and a half and worked in the morning and came home in time for the our meal. It was great day of food and fun. (and football, if you ask the guys!)

Our kids went to bed that night and it was Thanksgiving and woke up to Christmas, because every Black Friday, Hubby and I get up early and go to breakfast and then buy a Christmas tree at Home Depot along with gorgeous 99 cent poinsettias and a wreath. -Always one of my favorite days. Then the decorating started. And once it looked like Christmas around here,

 it was time to decorate over that all that for Joy's birthday dinner! (thank you Andrew and Dad) They decided to make it a 'birthday tree' for the night. ; )

She chose a campfire theme which was fun.
Happy Birthday Joy!

We had sausages that we roasted and sauteed veggies that Zac cooked over the fire. Yum!

 Then we tried a dessert from Pinterest called 'campfire cones.' Here are a bunch of the yummy things we put in our waffle cones:
 Once we filled them, we wrapped them in foil and put them in the fire!

-We either over cooked them or under cooked them but they were fun to make and yummy no matter what.
Saturday we got up (at an hour I never have before) and left the house EARLY for her birthday gift, which was a ride in a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. -The beauty of that event deserves a whole post of its own.

This mom is plum worn out! But it was a GREAT week! ; ) And I have a two week break between the next set of birthdays. Whew!


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