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September 29, 2011

How to make an acoustic guitar cake!

Gather your supplies:

Two cake mixes, chocolate frosting, white frosting, black icing, food coloring, gum drops for pegs, and that new fangled glaze from Duncan Hines!

My hubby's Epiphone was our model. Joy drew the best pattern so we used hers. : ) She's the artist in the family.

When the cake cooled we put the pattern on top of it and cut around it.

We baked another cake to be the neck and put our neck pattern on it and cut it out.

Frosting it was fun. We used chocolate frosting for the sides and around the edges. She and Andrew wanted it to have a sunburst pattern so they mixed up food coloring into vanilla frosting until they had a brown that they liked.

I heated up the glaze and used it for the shiny parts of the guitar. (you can tell I'm not a guitarist because I don't know what they are called) : )

We didn't frost the hole in the guitar, it was chocolate cake, so we left it and frosted around it.

We mixed up some gray frosting and added some more details. And used white icing for the fingering dots. We also added and 'E' for Epiphone! : )

The top of the neck said 'Bryan' because there was no way that I could squeeze in the 'Epiphone' and he was the birthday guy! White gum drops were our pegs.
The hardest part of all was doing the strings!

Ta Da! Here is our finished product! : )
It took forever but Joy and Andrew and I had a good time doing it and Bryan loved it!


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MzBaker said...

Cool thanks I am thinking of making a guitar cake for my nephew this weekend for his Birthday.