"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 17, 2011

Spring Break

It has been a relaxing spring break!
Not too much going on here and that is just the way we need it to be.
With all the fine arts practices and worship band practices that take place nightly as it is, we seem to be pretty much always on the go. In fact, we are rather out of balance at the moment.

So, we've been enjoying the down time and sleeping in.
I've been taking each of the kids out on a little spring break date with mom. (nothing major but some nice one on one time to chat) I think I'll make this a spring break tradition.
A couple of the boys went to the beach with the youth group and had a good time.
Andrew isn't here, he was blessed with a ticket to the junior high retreat this weekend so he is in Orlando hearing some good preaching and then headed to Islands of Adventure tomorrow. Awesome!

When Uncle P comes to stay (see previous post) Joy is giving up her bedroom for him and moving in with her brothers. She decided she needed to start cleaning THAT room now if she was going to have to live in it. LOL! (even thought it is 3 weeks early) That kept her busy for one full day this week. I told her she'll be the best roommate Zac has ever had. (he's our wonderful neat freak) : )

Today we found her a used glove at Play it Again Sports for a good price and I'd say softball is in her genes. As much as we love watching Joy play soccer, neither my hubby or I ever played soccer, so we grew into our passion for it through her. Then our boys played football and that was a whole new kind of fun for my hubby...Especially when he got to do the coaching.
-Now one of our kids will finally be playing MY favorite sport. Softball, hooray! I can't wait.

Tomorrow I'll be wishing I was in San Diego and attending my oldest niece's wedding! But since that wasn't in the budget, I'll be thinking of her and hoping my friends and family get some pictures of it posted on Facebook, ASAP! Hint hint!!! -Gotta love Facebook!

So, that is about it. Hope you had a lovely spring break!


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