"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 30, 2010

School Daze

We are back at it.
I'm happy I to say that I didn't make the same mistake as last year's first day of school which had everyone feeling like they just might throw up. -I fed them monkey bread for breakfast to celebrate and then made us all go jog for p.e. about a whopping 10 min. later!
I had a schedule to keep. LOL!!!

I had two of my kiddos wondering if I was going to be "nicer tomorrow" so I guess I was a rather uptight homeschooling mom, but I've done better as the week has progressed. ; )

My high school students and I aren't big fans of Apologia Science, but I can say that I do like their middle school curriculum: Exploring Creation through Physical Science. And we are still working our way through History of Us.

Nathan is doing 3 of his courses with Switched on Schoolhouse. I won't tell you what home school company accidentally sent us a blank disk and how much trouble that caused as we couldn't for the life of us install it.....for 3 days.

We've started a homework time in the evenings, which is new for us but math seems to require it especially for our high school students.

During our homework time, Andrew got some math help from dad. I guess he loved that because I heard him from the other room saying "I'm tired of being taught by a woman." This had me ROTFLOL! : )

Zac seems to have caught his second wind for his senior year. He is getting up at 5:00 (he must take after his dad) and is starting school at 5:30 am everyday. He likes getting done earlier in the day and having more free time. He amazes me and will make a great college student.

I found Joy still up at 11:00 PM and doing the next day's school work a couple times. She says she thinks better at night. (she takes after her mom) : )

Still liking Rosetta Stone and next year it will be used by kiddo #3 making it seem well worth the gazillion dollars we paid for it. lol

I decided a long time ago to make P.E. something I do with my kiddos...And I've recently decided that if we have to get all worn out and sweaty in the FL heat, then tennis is the WAY TO GO! It is way more fun than jogging ever was. A certain somebody beat me on Friday which he said was a first, and made him very happy.



Ryan said...

Hello there!

This is Ryan from Alpha Omega Publications. I hope your order wasn't directly from us that caused you to receive a blank disk! If so, we sincerely apologize!

I hope Switched-On Schoolhouse works well for you.

- Ryan

Becky said...

No, it wasn't and your company was very helpful! Thanks! : )

Becky said...

Wow I am impressed that Alpha Omega is following up on blogs. Way to go!

And I can't even imagine playing tennis in the FL heat. Kudos to you for losing. It's better than melting :)