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May 18, 2009

We're back!

Well, I'm excited to say that Nathan's Teen Bible Quiz team came in 3rd place this weekend and
our church's other team came in 2nd place. Whoo-hoo! So, both teams are headed to Nationals in MO in July and everyone is really excited.

As we were about to get on the interstate for our long trip to GA, a cute somebody of mine realized he left his dress clothes for the match behind. Ahhh! -Both of the coaches and the boys had all planned to wear black shirts, black pants with matching PINK ties. So, that 'somebody' got teased a good bit and I had to head to the Wal*art once we arrived. But it all worked out and I think they were the cutest quizzers there. : )

It was a LONG drive and we were packed like sardines but it was fun and the kids studied the book of Mark on the way and fooled around. We have some amazing Bible quizzers among our group who know the book of Mark so well, they can quote the whole book in less than an hour with less than 7 mistakes. How many of us can READ it in that time? Some of them like to quote chapters backwards!
-I mean, from the last verse in a chapter and working their way back to the first verse. Its all pretty amazing!!!

When we arrived at the hotel, we let them all go swimming to work off some of their energy after that long road trip. I enjoyed using the hotel's exercise bike and rode four miles hoping that would make up for all the Twizzlers I ate in the car. : )
After that came dinner, a practice session and bed.

The next day started early and ended late with lots of fun in between!
The kids quizzed eleven rounds! That's enough to fry your brain -just watching.
After the ceremony and helping to put the classrooms of the church back together, the coach had a surprise for our kids.
A limo pulled up at the church and took them all to the mall for dinner and a sacvenger hunt, then putt-putt golf, laser tag and an hour of arcade games. What an amazing and generous surprise! He's sweet like that!
Everyone had a blast! It was a really fun night and I don't know when I've been SO tired because he had all of us parents playing everything right along with them! : )

The next day we headed home...
Happy and tired.
It will be a summer full of the book of Mark!

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#1fan said...

Very funny about the Twizzlers and the bike ride!