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May 20, 2009

Excited about science

Our youngest son hasn't been excited about science since we studied electricity a few months ago. He loved that and he did all the experiments ahead of time.

Lately, our curriculum has had us doing a life science unit on mammals and it seems to be lasting next to forever... Poor guy. The other day he told me that he just "might die" if he has to study "another animal."

Just as I was wondering what we should use for science next, a really great opportunity came along! I was asked to do a product review for All Children's Furniture and post it on the blog. Let's just start by saying they have WAY more than kids furniture. : )

As much as I wanted to get my guitar crazy guy this rug:

I chose to do a review on a Thames and Kosmos science kit! Whoo-hoo! Besides, when you think about it, how interesting could a review on a rug really be?! -"It looks great." Or "We walked on it all day and it didn't give us a bit of trouble." : )

I had a hard time deciding on which one to try though... All Children's actually has more of a selection of these kits than my favorite homeschooling company offers. (look under 'Arts and Crafts' on their site)
I ended up choosing the Elements of Science one because it delves into several different areas of science. So, look for that review here in the days ahead...

I think he'll love all of these experiments!
And I certainly don't want him to be stuck with mammals any longer and possibly "die." It wouldn't really seem like life science if he "died," now would it? ; )


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I don't Know that rug is very cool!