"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 4, 2008

Back from the beach

We spent one night and two fun days at a hotel on the beach with our dear friends the L family this week!

We ate too much junk food and got WAY too much sun...
We played in the pool then on the beach,
then in the pool, then on the beach.....
And then did it all over again the next day. : )

They also spent two nights at our house. So, this week has been like one big party....

The best part was fellowshipping with these precious friends of ours. We love each other like family and you'd think all our kiddos were cousins...

Here is the scoop on our families:

My grandmother and A's grandmother were good friends who went to the same church. Our dads were best friends as teenagers. A is two days older than I am and we've known each other ever since and we were raised in the same church! His sister and I were best friends as teenagers... I think that is part of the fun of seeing how much our kids love each other... A and my (future) hubby were great friends after he became a Christian. When my (future) hubby and I were going to college at a small Christian college in FL, we met M. I wanted to be her friend the minute I met her because she was so on fire for Jesus! There were some people who thought A and I might end up marrying each other someday, but God had other plans... And when M came to visit me in CA during the summer, I told her there was a guy she just HAD to meet...And it was just about love at first sight for those two... It wasn't long after that that the four of us were in each other's weddings! As well as being a preacher, A works for an airline and so we are blessed to see them a least a couple times every year.

I feel so blessed to have such special friends who have known and loved us for such a long time.



Susan said...

What fun. I wish I could have been on the beach with you guys. That is what I miss the most about Ca.

Becky said...

Hey! I'm slowly catching up. Sounds like you had a great trip.

I love the LOLA stories. We don't have one yet. Probably never will. My hubby is way NON techie. He likes the feel of a map in his hands :)

Such a neat story about your dear friends and how long you have known her. I am always glad, in this throw away world, to hear of such a faithful friendship.

Have a great weekend.

Toni said...

That picture is sooo beautiful. Made me want to be there. And I think your friendship is a most precious treasure. Rare in this world today.