"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

November 7, 2014

The road to recovery is a rough one

My sweet hubby is done with treatments but not done with the pain the treatments have caused. It is really a difficult time. Eating and drinking anything is tremendously painful. If you would, keep his ability to eat in prayer. ~Thanks!
 He says it feel like his esophagus is shredded. It is also burned, from the radiation, so yeah, the PAIN is something else.

Today, they are giving him an IV of fluids to keep him hydrated and to insure that his kidneys don't get damaged. The infusion room has four recliners for the patients and it is always freezing in there. Each patient has their own little TV, which they are suppose to plug head phones into, but never do. It can get pretty loud in there with crummy daytime TV. It is probably my hubby's least favorite place on earth to spend two + hours. Bless his heart. We bring his ipod and he listens to sermons or to classical music. Sometimes he tries to sleep through it.

In spite of all that he's going through, Hubby gave the OK for us to plan a happy, little event at our house soon, to bless a sweet somebody that we all love. (if Andrew has his way, it will be a big event) It has given us a little something to be excited for and whisper and scheme about. Sometimes I think we might be crazy for trying to pull this off right now, though. We just thought he would be feeling better by the time it took place. And well, it isn't looking like he will. Bless his heart.

We've been blessed by our church family with lots of meals to make things easier. They are wonderful.

Yesterday, we received cards signed by the men at Nathan's church in CA. Nate said the men got together to pray specifically for all those who have cancer. I started to read the cards and did not expect to see things like "Thank you for blessing us with your son" and "Your son has helped our teens and we are praying for you." and "You must be a great guy because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, " and I realized I was crying, but for the first time lately, they were happy tears. : )


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