"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 5, 2008

My day as the damsel in distress during the TBQ trip

Oh, Lord,

~Thank you for helping me get to the TBQ match when I lost the people I was following...

~Thank you that friends behind me, pulled ahead and led me to the match.

~Thank you for keeping us safe when we got a flat tire on the interstate when we were almost 2 hrs. from home after the TBQ match.

~Thank you that it happened near an exit ramp.

~Thank you for those sweet tourists from Ohio who stopped to see if I was OK. And who let me use their cell phone since I only had 5 calling minutes left on mine. They reminded me what sweet people there are in the world.

~Thank you that my hubby actually answered the phone from his camp where he doesn't usually get any reception.

~Thank you that my hubby said he was leaving the camp which was out in the middle of nowhere to come and rescue me even though I tried to talk him out of it. Am I ever glad he didn't listen to me.

~Thank you that he had me call*911 for help.

~Thank you for the sweet Road Ranger who changed my tire for free even though he almost laughed at the thought of me making it all the way back to our city with the spare which had cracks and dry rot! He handed me his cell phone (because I was down to 1 minute on my phone) to tell my hubby that we were going to have to head right to a tire place once he located me.

~Thank you for causing our TBQ friends who had all gone out for ice cream after the match, to actually see us off in the distance on the exit ramp and come to our aid!!! That was miraculous!

~Thank you for those wonderful friends! It's amazing what 5 cell phones and a GPS can do! They drove my van, found us a tire place, helped my hubby meet up with us, called ahead to order us the right size tire, fed my hot and tired kiddos donuts and made me feel so loved until my hubby arrived. (I get all teary every time I think of what they did!What a blessing they are!)

~Thank you that we made it to the tire place that was only going to be open for 10 more minutes! They got us in and out and on our way again....

~Thank you that my sweet hubby didn't go straight back to camp.
He led me all the way home safely after my adventures. : )
And bless his heart, he didn't get back to the camp site until 10:30 pm! Just in time for camping in a torrential rainstorm! ~That made camping interesting, with leaky tents that were swaying in the wind!

You were so good to me, Lord! Thank you!!!!

P.S. ~Our TBQ team that is going to Regionals!!!! And can you guess who is driving us there?
-Not me! : )
That, I know for sure!



Susan said...

Isn't it great how God is always there with us,especially during those times of danger. I tmakes me think of what I just read in Joshua how God delivered him from all their enemies and yesterday God delivered you from all your mishaps.

Becky said...

Amen! He sure did! : )

Becky said...

Oh my what an ordeal that was! But he was with you all along. And He proved it!!! I love when God shows up like that. Why does it always surprise us???

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness!! What crazyness! I am so sorry for all that! God really did look out for you as He always does. Praise God, you guys are all safe! And congrats on going to regionals!!!!!